February 1, 2011

A Prayer.

I found this paragraph in the back of Ragamuffin, which perfectly communicates this journey of mine through a simple prayer

"Be present with me now on each step of this journey. Grow me up in my inner being to receive and share abroad more and more of Your love. Let me be Your hands and face and words to all I meet. Set me free to serve You- free from anxiety, fear, self-pity, self-hatred, cynicism, or skepticism. Free me from every crippling sin and any darkness of unbelief, Lord Jesus Christ, anoint my life and my spiritual community with deep faith and reckless abandonment to Your enduring goodness. Give us truly listening hearts, that we may hear Your word and courageously act upon it, to the praise of Your name and joy of Your heart." - Ragamuffin Gospel

You are good Jesus- thank you for bringing me into a foreign land. In that place I saw you daily through the faces of extraordinary people. People that I lived with, that I lead with, and people that became my dear friends. You brought me to a place in my heart that you knew my only option would be YOU. That place is dry and its hard living there, but it is so good because, that is the place where I come before You on my knees. You are my only refuge in that desert land. You have given me all the resources in Christ that I need to live a life of ministry to the people You have placed in my life. Still, it is easy to neglect Your resources and panic when times become difficult. In those times, I am more tempted to run than to rest and to react than to reflect. 

...But even the shallow concerns of life are ordained by You Lord. They are Profound. 
Thank you for this journey.