March 11, 2011

offbeat- in a good way.

Some of my favorite places in the world are the towns noted for their quirkiness.
Austin, Tx. 
a place where their mantra is "Keep Austin weird." ...explains the entire city. This place is booming with ingenuity and freedom. Local shops are the norm. & even the traditional chain businesses have an austin flair. Most sides of any given buildings have been attacked by a paintbrush. I love it SO much.

Canton, Tx. 
First Monday Trade Days.  According to various sources, the custom has everything to do with the swapping of dogs, antiques, junk, and donkeys on 30-acre grounds. Canton goes from a tiny town of 5,100 to a town of over 300,000 during the first Monday weekend, making it the largest flea market in the world. I grew up going there, I've never been anywhere as strange as Canton. Its almost as magical as Disneyland.
Mary Lawson making deals
the normal find in a trading booth at Canton
I want him!