January 2, 2011


     2010, you were good to me. You were filled with precious moments like developing friendships with my Young Life team, finding new bonds with the fine folks at Pine Cove, or priceless travel experiences to Tahoe, Napa, Saranac, Maine, Costa Rica, & Tyler, Texas. But don’t get worked up just yet my dear 2010, because you had your fair share of disappointing moments as well. For example, the time when the Texas Rangers lost the World series, or when Duke went wandering into the abyss of doggy heaven, what about that time when I shot a booger out of my nose in front of my friends?! Some of these unexpected hiccups were genuinely upsetting, some added diversity to my daily life, while others were simply entertaining. 
So as I continue to size you up & down with examining eyes, overall I’d still say that you were good to me. But our time has run its course, so I leave you with a gentle farewell 2010. Its time you introduce me to your friend 2011, I hope we’ll have a promising future together...
Team Harrisonburg

Saranac, NY
Tahoe, CA.
Napa Valley, CA.
Costa Rica


Pine Cove
As I review the year, the FAQ that pops up is, ”Was that God’s will for my life?” It is important to look at whatever has happened and THAT is God’s will. God can use circumstances to draw us to himself. Christ wants us to accept His unreserved love because we are His people. 1 Tim. 2:4 expresses our Father as a God “who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” This is His will for us in 2011 and every year after that till kingdom come.